Welcome From Lynda KennyBusiness/Life Coach For Women In Business

  • Help Women to determine their future, focusing on personal growth and development
  • Inspire women to have self belief and confidence, with high self-esteem
  • Empower women to define their own income and freedom
  • Help women to see what they can achieve in life.
  • Help women to look after their health and enjoy more energy
  • Build inner strength for life, relationships and business/career


  • Be clearer about who you are, your dreams and hopes?
  • Have more courage and be strong in achieving what you want to do?
  • Achieve more energy that keeps you going each and every day?
  • Have the ability to be more influential in your business and life?
  • Take charge of your life and be more disciplined
  • Have more fun, freedom and joy in your life?


  • Do you lack confidence and inner belief to move forward?
  • Have you reached a plateau and don’t know how to become “unstuck?
  • Do you ever feel “not good enough” or worthy of success in your life?
  • Are you constantly comparing yourself to others in a negative way?
  • Are you happy and fulfilled in all areas of your life?
  • Are you drowning in overwhelm, stress, anxiety and uncertainty?

Women In Business – Coaching

When you work with me you will receive empowering guidance, inspiration and strategies to help you improve your:

  • Personal Growth and Development
  • More clarity for your vision and life purpose
  • Emotional and physical health
  • Better communication skills so you can influence and help others more.
  • Daily routine
  • Have all of your life firing on all cylinders
  • Courage

You will learn to become more self aware, more focused and more energized.

Who Is Lynda Kenny?

Lynda is an ex Social Worker, now ‘retired” working her business using the internet. She is a wife, mother of two children, and is a grandmother to six.

Married to Chris, her husband since 1993, Lynda enjoys living between England and her second home in The Algarve in Portugal.

After qualifying as a Social Worker, she spent time working in Child Protection before specialising in Foster Care. In the 1990’s she had the opportunity to assist in setting up an Independent Fostering Agency which became successful and when merging with other agencies of the same group, it became the largest of its kind in the UK.

Lynda sold her shares in the company in 2006 and was supposed to retire. Instead she bought a Ladies High Fashion Boutique but sadly closed it in 2014.

Lynda began working online as a home business entrepreneur after being introduced to the industry by a friend and personal trainer.

Being a Home Business Entrepreneur she coaches and teaches people how to gain more confidence to gain the freedom and income they are looking for in their life.

Lynda is passionate about personal development and growth.

In 2017, Lynda published her first book Turning Poverty Into Success.

She was once a struggling, single parent without a penny to her name and no confidence.

“I was a single parent, scratching the pennies to feed my kids…

My self esteem was at all time low..confidence is something other people had NOT me

The night I only had a pound left in my purse – JUST ENOUGH TO BUY A CAN OF BEANS and a LOAF OF BREAD for my kids, was the night I was determined that I wasn’t going to live my life in poverty forever.

There is nothing worse than feeling you can’t feed your children or pay the bills. I had hit rock bottom and was in dire straits.

The night, I decided enough was enough, was the best thing that could have happened to me. It changed my whole life.”

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